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American Record Guide Review:  November/December 2023

Jim McCutcheon

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Nuevo Dia: flamenco & classical

Jeremy Garcia, g

Frameworks 2-44 minutes

Texas guitarist Jeremy Garcia has released his third recording, revealing two facets of this creative musician.

He makes his personal approach to familiar music abundantly clear with his arrangements of 3 piano pieces by Isaac Albéniz. Opening the set with 'Torre Bermeja', known for decades to most listeners through the excellent transcription by Andres Segovia, Garcia's performance is spirited, accentuated by flamenco techniques including golpes and rasgueados, and played with a quasi-improvisatory, wild flamenco disposition that at no time disrespects the original music. Despite some unclear arpeggios, the music shines through. Joined by cajonist Andres Felix, Garcia concludes the set with a wonderfully free fantasy on Albeniz's Granada'.

In a similar vein, Garcia has a lot of fun with Francisco Tarrega's ' Capricho Arabe', giving it a tango rhythm.

A set of 5 original pieces composed in a decidedly flamenco style concludes the pro-gram. Garcia is accompanied by supportive palmas by Irma La Paloma. The variety of moods and textures as well as Garcia's rhythmic precision maintain the listener's interest through this new, accessible music.

Recording quality is realistic, with a full-bodied guitar tone that supports Garcia's

strong approach. Staying in the palette of classical guitar tone, he avoids the rather tinny, commercial sound so often heard in contemporary flamenco guitar recordings.

Liner notes by Garcia and Irma La Paloma are informative and well written, but need a place to be stored in the jacket.

A refreshing take on some old standards and an excursion into contemporary flamenco-based guitar.

Jim McCutcheon - American Record Guide - November/December 2023

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